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Society Registration in India

The Indian Societies Registration Act was implemented under the British Rule in India in 1860, in accordance to this act charitable, literary and scientific societies must be properly registered. A society can be framed by 7 people who are kindred for any charitable, literary or scientific impetus. A memorandum of the same is to be filled thereafter in which the name of the society, its aims, objectives, name, occupation, and addresses of the governing members of the society must be stated. This in turn should be approved by the other constituting membersofthesociety.

Society Registration in India in accordance with the Registration Act of 1860:

. At the time of society registration in india following documents, are mandatory:

. A request letter to register the society under Society Registration Act 1860.

. A list of names stating the members of the governing body and the other constituting members.

. Set of rules and regulations framed for the smooth running of the association. Along with the Affidavits, on Rs 2 stamp paper from the secretary of the society concerning the name of the society.

. A copy of address proof of all the members, a no objection certificate on Rs 2 stamp sheet and a documentary proof like electricity bill in respect of the place declared as the registered office of the society.

Remember while naming the society: That the society’s name should not be connected to the Indian Government at all and the name of the society should be unique i.e. it should not be identical to the name of the society which has already been registered. Moreover using the names of national leaders is strictly prohibited.

Trust Registration in Delhi

A trust is a consensus between two people called trustees, in order to manage some property for a humanitarian purpose and is liable to be in accordance of the Charitable Trusts Act of 1957. Jointly many trustees form a Board of Trustees. The trust is separately registered with the IRD also in order to prevent it from paying tax. We provide a range of trust society registration in India services .

Requirements and Documents required at the time of Trust Registration in Delhi:

. Certified copy of the Trust Deed.

. Application to form a board of Trustees, signed by all the Trustees.

. Statutory Declaration.

. At least one Witness.

. The name of the Trust’s Author.

. Trustees Names and the name of the Trust.

. Location of its office.

. Bank Account front page and transaction history copy.

. Details regarding the future projects of the trust.

. Pan Card Xerox and certificate for non violation of Section 13 1©.


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