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When we think about the future we always demand for a Home.

The basic needs of life is Food; Clothes and Shelter when we talk about food and clothes everybody can fulfill their basic needs through their salary and professional income but when we talk about shelter we can see a house in our eyes. A basic house in which we can live our happy moments of Life therefore to make the life memorable we should have a house rather than a rented house.

In Complete Life we want to have a single and beautiful house for our nice and beautiful family. But the problem arise is that we don’t have a sufficient fund to buy a house at a single installment or by full payment therefore we go for housing loan here we help you in taking all types of housing loan and any other loan against the hypothecation of Asset. We also provide loan to the new Companies as well as growing companies having SME registration new entrepreneurs and large Corporate.

A Loan against Property (LAP) means a loan which is given or disbursed against the mortgage Property the loan is usually given 50% to 60 % of the market value of the mortgage property. It is come under the category of Secured loan We help you in Provide loan for the Expanding your Business; Getting your son/daughter married; Sending your son/daughter for higher studies abroad

You can take loan against your self-occupied property. i.e. house or land.

The eligibility Criteria for taking a loan against property will vary from one bank to another and there some other factors as well which bank consider however the common factors which bank certainly check that is.

Your total income during the year Market value of the Property mortgage Your CIBIL Report or repayment track records The loan tenure can be from 5 years to 15 Years.


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