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First of all you need to tested the product from any one of the Bereau of indian standards (BIS) recognised laboratories as per their scope already approved listed on BIS website. all the critical components shall be declared by the manufacturer unit and evidence of confirmity submitted to lab. The BIS recognised laboratories issued report only issued in the name of the manufacturer the report shall contain the name of the manufacturing unit and complete address.
Before submitted the application to the BIS recognised laboratories kindly ensure that all the test report is duly evalutated and complete in all aspects. Download the application from BIS website in form No. VI and VII.
Application in form No. VI and VII should be completed in all aspects all the colums are to be filled properly and signed by the CEO of the manufacturing unit.
Following documents are submitted to the BIS recognised laboratories along with the application. Form No. VI & Form No. VII duly signed by the CEO all the colums are properly filled along with the authorization letter. the name and complete address of the maunfacturing unit.
In case of foreign maunfacturar form VI and VII shall be counter signed by the foreign representative. Letter from the manufacturing unit forwarding the application .


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