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GST REGISTRATION Registration Services In delhi Ncr

Registration Under Shops and Establishment Act

Information required for registration under Shops & Establishment Act.

1).   The name of the establishment.:

2).   Category of establishment.:

3).   Complete address.:

4).   State.

5).   Pin code:

12).   i) Enter the city

i)    Enter the city

ii)    Enter the mobile

iii)    Enter the email

iv)    Enter the fax

v)    Enter the website

6).   Telephone number.

7).   Name of the occupier or the employer.

8).   Father’s name of the occupier or the employer.

9).   Name of the manager.

10).   Father’s name of the manger.

11).   Nature of the business.

1).   No. of Employees in each field,

i).   Male

ii).   Female

iii).   Young person

2).   Date of commencement of establishment.

3).   No. of employers family, working in the establishment, if any

i).   Enter the name of member,

ii).   Enter the age of member.

4).   No. of other persons occupying position of management, if any

i).   Name,

ii).   Age.


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