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(OPC) One Person Company Registration in India

Out of the various types of services, we also help in incorporating a one person company Registration in India (OPC) a new and simple concept for company registration where only one person is required to registering a company as well as he will be a director and shareholder in a company. In the comparison to private and public limited company, opc is very easy to register and the formalities to be complied with are also less as compared to private and public limited company also the cost of maintaining and registering the opc is less as compared to the cost of registering a public and private limited company and is one of the initiatives in the director of “Ease of Doing Business in India” as introduced by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India. Mr. Narendra Modi. Therefore, OPC’s are preferred by entrepreneurs all over India and they are taking advantage of the new concept by converting their proprietorships into OPC’s as most of the features of private and public limited companies are also their in One person Company but with less legal formalities and is also cost effective.

Why One Person Company Registration in India (OPC)

The concept of One person company (opc) is a new vehicle/form of business, introduced by the companies Act, 2013, thereby enabling Enterpreneur(s) carrying on the business in the Sole-Proprietor form of business to enter into a corporate framework. One persobn company is a combination of sole-proprietor and company form of business, and has been provided with concessional/relaxed formalities under the companies Act, 2013.Small entrepreneurs can carry on their business in form of OPC with status of separate legal entity. The concept is good for entrepreneurs with new ideas and ventures and explores the corporate world with minimum compliance and maximum benefits as exemptions. Various small and medium enterprises, doing business as sole proprietors, might enter into the corporatre domain through OPC. The unorganized sectof of the economy will find an outlet to show their entrepreneurial expertise. So the small entrepreneurs enjoy the benefits of OPC.

OPC companies are like a One man army. the compliance burden is very less and the liabillity of the members is very limited to the amount invested by them as capital which is an added advantage. OPC is expected to benefit the people who are into self employment and many small scale enterprises. it is one of the remarkable features of the companeis act, 2013 to grow the spirit of entrepreneurship and boost the confidence of small entrepreneurs in the country so that more and more people can start their own business and become self employed and thereby reducing unemployment in the country.

Benefits of One Person Company (OPC)

the liability of the members is limited

the compliance requirement is very low

your business will be set up in more organized manner.

customers will have more faith in your business as it is a registered entity unlike proprietorship

you will get more clients

more growth and development.

Efficiency and effectiveness will increase

Better management practices will follow.

No requirement of minimum capital can have capital upto 50 lakhs

Can have a maximum turnover of upto 2 crores.

Requirements for registering OPC

Only one shareholder eligible to incorporate an OPC One nominee is required.(in case of incapacity of a original member, nominee will become member.) Must have a minimum one director, the sole shareholder can himself be the sole director.

Frequently Asked Question about One Person Company (OPC)

1.   How to incorporate a one person Company (OPC)?

.   First of all we have to filed e-form INC-1 for the purpose of name availability.

.   After getting the name available, we need to file INC-2 for incorporating the One person Company but one thing we should kept in mind that the form INC-2 should be filed within 60 days from the date of approving INC-1.

.   Then we need to file e-form DIR-12 for the director of the company along with linked form INC-2 except when promoter is the sole director of the One Person Company (OPC).

.   After approving the form 12 the company has to file e-form INC-22 within 30 days from the

2.   If there is any change in membership of One Person Company (OPC) how we inform Roc about this?

.   For this company shall file INC-4 for any change.

3.   What is the threshold limit of OPC to mandatorily be converted into private or public company?

.   In case when Paid up share capital exceeds Rs. 50 lacs or Turnover exceeds Rs. 2 cr. In that case company should mandatorily need to be converted into public or private company after breaching the threshold limit provided in the act we cannot work as an One Person Company (OPC).

4.   How to intimate to ROC that OPC has breaches his Threshold limit?

.   Intimate through e-form INC-5.

5.   What is the time limit for filing the form INC-5?

.   Form INC-5 should be filed within 30 days.

6.   What is the form required to be filed for converting the OPC into Private or Public company or vice versa?

.   In both the cases company need to file e-form INC-6 for converting One Person Company into Private or Public Company or vice versa.

7.   What is the time limit for filing INC-6?

.   The form should be filed within 30 days in case of voluntary Conversion and within 6 months in case of mandatory conversion.

8.   Who is eligible to act as a member of One Person Company (OPC)?

.   Only a natural person who is a Indian citizen and resident in India will be eligible to act as a member or nominee.

9.   In how many company a person can become a member ?

.   In case of opc only in one company a person can become a member.

10.   In how many company a person can become a member ?

.   Form inc-4 shall be filed in case of withdrawal of consent .


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